Monday, May 11, 2009

Philly Acoustic Reviews

I’ve been going to shows, buying albums, and playing on the fringes of the Philadelphia folk/ acoustic/ singer-songwriter music scene for about a decade. (I use these categories loosely: many of the acts use electric instruments [they all use amplifiers or PAs], most are not folk in any strict sense of the word, and many have more than one singer or songwriter. My love is for soulful, fairly low-key, original music.) I’m continually impressed by the number of extremely talented musicians and songwriters there are out there. This site is intended to be a humble attempt to promote, discuss, and review select artists, shows, and albums, and to comment on topics of interest to the Philadelphia acoustic music scene. I go to about one folk-y type show a month, and buy a few albums by local artists each year, so the number of posts will likely be limited. Probably I’ll do a bunch at first then it’ll peter out. So it is.

Off the top of my head, here are a few of the quality local acts I’ve seen, with links to their myspace sites (i know: facebook is where it’s at but not yet for music):

Adrien Reju (
Birdie Busch (
Bruce Langfeld [1967-2007] (
Carsie Blanton (
Chris Kasper (
Christine Havrilla (
Cowmuddy (
the Great Unknown (
Hoots & Hellmouth (
Illinois (
Joshua Park (
Karen Gross (
Kate Gaffney (
Langhorne Slim (
the Lowlands (
Papertrees (
Peasant (
the Philadelphia Bluegrass Band (
Rachel Andes (
Sara Judge (
Sexcop (
Sisters 3 (
the Writing Birds (

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