Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hoots & Hellmouth, almost

I went to see the excellent Hoots & Hellmouth at Johnny Brendas in Fishtown last night for the second night of their cd release party for their new album, Holy Open Secret. The song "What Good Are Ploughshares" from this album has been on their myspace site for a while and it is excellent; I was looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

The show was sold out. Texts to the band yielded no tickets. I hung out and drank with some friends downstairs. I heard the show the night before was excellent, and last night probably was too. That's all there is to report. Oh well.

They are going on tour all around the eastern half of the United States; there are no Philly dates on their calendar.

What I missed: Hoots & Hellmouth live, playing "What Good Are Ploughshares" at last year's Philadelphia Folk Festival

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