Thursday, October 1, 2009

Papertrees at Clark Park Festival

I unfortunately haven’t been making it out to see much music recently, but I did catch a great set by the Papertrees at the Clark Park Festival in September 20th. I’ve heard a bunch about this band and this was one act I’d been waiting to see. They are often on bills with Chris Kasper, Joshua Park, and other top names from the Philadelphia acoustic music scene (see below). They feature one of Philly’s best guitarists in Carl Cheeseman (was he playing at Clark Park? I wasn’t too close to the stage; whoever it was was great, really well considered use of the instrument), and one of the Philadelphia music scene’s best keyboardists in Andrew Lipke (he’s also a good solo performer). They have created a smoothly infectious blend of sounds. The instrumentation is almost solely electric, but they retain an almost acoustic folksiness, combined with a hip rock sensibility that has echoes of Cat Power and modern rockers like Wolf Parade and Clap Your Hands.

Papertrees is fronted by a talented female singer in Allison Polans, she has a versatile voice ideal for the band’s sincere sound blend. The songwriting is varied and of a consistent quality. They are playing a couple gigs this month, go catch them, I’m glad I did.

Papertrees Shows in Philadelphia October 2009 (as listed on their myspace page)
October 10th: House show with Joshua Park, Sweetheart Parade, and Liz Fullerton.
October 28th: North Star Bar with Chris Kasper and Caught in Motion.

Papertrees live in 20088

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