Monday, June 29, 2009

Bevin Caulfield at the Hair of the Dog Craft Market

Spent a good part of Sunday at the Hair of the Dog Craft Market, a fair sponsored by the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market and held at the 941 Theater in Northern Liberties. It was a pretty good event, with some quality crafts, clothing, and books vendors, free PBR (after a $2 entry), an a full line-up of musical acts. I didn't catch most of the acts, one of those that I mostly missed seemed pretty good, one seemed crowded (in numbers and in sound). The act I did catch was one I saw for the first time last month at the Italian Market Festival.

In two performances and in some YouTube and Myspace listening, Bevin Caulfield has quickly become one of my favorite Philly singers. She has a plaintive, confident voice and some rhythmic and engaging songs.

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