Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Philly Folk Parade at the Fire in May

There are two more weeks of this great event left:

~ 4 Nights, 28 bands
~ 7 bands a night ~ Front stage/back stage = continuous music!
~ 9 PM SHARP ~ lots to do
~ sponsored by Yuengling = plenty o beer
~ 7 bucks - a dollar a band


Cowmuddy, Hezekiah Jones, Johnny Miles and the Waywards, Sisters3, The Doublewides, Hoots and Hellmouth, Josh Park, Hey Nude Friend I'm Tired, Jim Boggia, The Spinning Leaves, Wissahickon Chicken Shack, Andrew Lipke, Up the Chain, Chris Kasper, Brittany Ann, The Matt Helm Scream, The Great Unknown, The Phil D'Agostino Quintet, Shannon Pelcher, Psalmships, Birdie Busch, Daniel of the Moonlight, Jack Ohly, Sean Hoots, Spirit and Dust, Joe Duffey and his Underwater Window Garden, and some Special Mystery Guests!!!

18th hosted by Chris Kasper
25th hosted by Hezekiah Jones

the rest of each night is a mystery, ya dig.................

Hope to see ya there!!!!!! Bring someone who never comes!!!! We all need to meet someone new ~

The Philly Folk Parade is a sounding bell of human musical freedom and a celebration of brotherly love! Made of the intermingling inspirations and revelry of 30 to 40 Philadelphia artists, it is absolutely alive with the sounds of people power - a stage busting full of stomps, claps, choirs, and movement. The Philly Folk Parade is organized around the premise that building community empowers everyone, and to that end, the collective is responsible for a series of large concerts and a tour with the aim of showcasing to the world the incredibly vibrant music scene of Philadelphia and the flourishing new folk movement blooming in its streets.

Taken from the Philly Folk Parade Facebook event